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Statement of intent

Our school ethos ‘Love of God, Love of Neighbour’ underpins all that we do at Saint Francis Xavier School. It is at the heart of ensuring our students leave as well rounded young people who go on to become participating citizens in their world.

With an outstanding educational foundation, we ensure that our students also have an enriching experience that goes beyond the standard offer of the traditional curriculum. We believe this is important as these experiences will help to shape their aspirations, build cultural capital, whilst developing confidence and character. 

The breadth and depth of our flexible curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity. Students enjoy their learning and are inquisitive and resilient in their pursuit of knowledge and development of skills. Curricular subjects are not seen in isolation but rather interwoven across disciplines to give a deeper understanding. We aspire to an organic curriculum that listens to the student voice, is sequentially progressive and builds upon existing knowledge whilst exploring and challenging ‘The big ideas’. 

Our staff are not only excellent practitioners of their area of expertise but also give of themselves, enriching the students’ educational experience. Saint Francis Xavier School has consistently achieved outstanding results due to our continual reflection and renewal of the curriculum we offer ensuring it is the very best for every student.

Our broad and expansive curriculum, simultaneously with the development of students’ skills, attributes and opportunities, forges a self belief to achieve. Subsequently, a vast array of future possibilities are endlessly available to them.


Curriculum equality and diversity 

At St Francis Xavier School equality and diversity is promoted through an inclusive curriculum offer. We provide all of our students with the opportunity to succeed and to reach the highest level of personal achievement.

We achieve this by:

  • Promoting equal opportunities
  • Challenging discrimination in all areas of the curriculum
  • Monitoring and evaluating curriculum provision so that it represents a diverse culture and society and encourages tolerance and respect
  • Developing resources that promote equal opportunity and equal access
  • Promoting cultural understanding and awareness through the content and delivery of the curriculum
  • Ensuring that curriculum planning takes the needs of all students into account
  • Using a variety of teaching methods to deliver a curriculum that is appropriate for all learning styles and needs
  • Closing achievement and attainment gaps for all learners, including those eligible for the Pupil Premium, students with special needs, and children in care.


We have an active equality group in school, represented by both student and staff members, where together they have made positive changes to the English, History and Art curriculums over the last 3 years. 

Equality Act 2010SFX Equality Objectives



Disciplinary literacy 

Disciplinary literacy is an approach we use to improve literacy across the curriculum. We recognise that literacy skills are both general and subject-specific, emphasising the value of teaching students how to read, write and communicate. 

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Flexible curriculum offer

We continually reflect and in turn our curriculum offer evolves, remaining flexible to meet the needs of all students.

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An inclusive curriculum

Information on how we provide an aspirational curriculum for our SEND and disadvantaged students. 

SEND provision

Pupil Premium Strategy


Covid 19

Our curriculum has been modified in response to the pandemic to maximise learning opportunities and address any knowledge gaps.