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St Francis Xavier

Curriculum by year

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Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10 - foundationYear 10 - higherYear 11 - foundationYear 11 - higher



Maths vision

Our vision is to ensure pupils are equipped with sufficient mathematical knowledge, fluency and reasoning skills to deal with situations that influence all of our lives, including finance, statistical analysis, real-world geometry, mensuration and risk analysis.

Pupils of all abilities shall feel challenged and stimulated throughout their learning journey; and they shall develop sufficient confidence to apply their knowledge across the curriculum.

Through support and encouragement, staff shall provide pupils with the necessary tools and resilience to overcome the challenges faced when solving complex mathematical problems. In turn, pupils shall display compassion for each other by sharing their knowledge and understanding.


Whole school visions

Use the links below to view our whole school vision and curriculum vision. 

Whole school vision Whole school curriculum vision 


Curriculum team

  • Mr P. Ingram
  • Mrs J. Prime
  • Miss K. Appleby
  • Mrs S. Burnham
  • Mrs A. Ellis
  • Mr S. James

KS4 courses  

  •  GCSE Mathematics - AQA


Enrichment opportunities

  • Stem (Maths and Science)
  • Additional Maths Qualification
  • Annual Maths UKMT challenge