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St Francis Xavier


The Art and Design department offers a lively and creative learning environment in which all students can explore a range of practical skills and processes.

These include drawing, mark making, painting, printmaking, mixed media, 3D modelling and construction techniques. Students study the work of artists, craftspeople and designers from different eras and cultures.

Our aim is to encourage students to develop independent learning and to investigate a broad spectrum of cultural and expressive themes.

Curriculum leaders

  • Ms V Tindall
  • Mrs C Thompson

    The department is staffed by a team of two specialist teachers committed to broadening the student’s creative skills and their understanding of Art

Key Stage 3

Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. A high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. National Curriculum

Key stage 3 Topics

Year 7:

· Introduction to the Formal Elements - materials, Shells, Ernst Haeckel

· Painting - mechanical Objects, Fernand Leger

· Mark-making - local Environment, Van Gogh

Year 8:

· Polystyrene print - skulls ‘Day of the Dead’, Mexican Art, paper cutting

· Painting- Mythical Beasts, Gothic, Celtic imagery, montage

· Collage – shoes, Nancy Standlee, Derek Gores

Year 9:

· Lino Print- expressive self-portrait, German Expressionism, mark-making, collage

· Paper Mache masks - Celebration masks, fire and water, design

Observational drawing is included in all projects and Homework is given regularly to extend pupils’ practical and investigative skills.


Key Stage 4

Art and Design is a very popular and highly successful GCSE option subject.

The coursework during Year 10 comprises of set projects, developing into more independent works in Year11. Students are encouraged to diversify into their areas of strength. We host an annual exhibition of GCSE student’s work to which family and friends are invited.

KS4 / GCSE topics:

Year 10:

· Lino Print & 3D Paper Mache relief - Local Environment, architecture and hedgerow

Year 11:

· ‘Identity’ - Expressive self-portrait and ‘Externally Set Assignment’


Component 1

An Individual portfolio of work worth 60%. The portfolio is selected from work undertaken during the course.

Component 2

Externally Set Assignment worth 40%. Students respond to their chosen starting point to produce a personal response within a specified number of weeks and 10 Hours of sustained study.

All work undertaken must cover the assessment objectives and will be marked by the Art staff and moderated by AQA.

Wider curriculum

Visits to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Foxglove Covet, Catterick. Local sketching walk to record the hedgerow, the ruins of Easby Abbey and the Georgian Architecture in ‘Frenchgate’.

Visiting Artists:

Year 10 Mixed media Collage Workshop with Ed Kluz