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St Francis Xavier

Food Technology

Key Stage 3 – Cooking and Nutrition

Year 7

Pupils follow the Licence to Cook course which focuses on healthy eating. The pupils bring in their own ingredients and make a variety of sweet and savoury dishes.

Year 8

The course focuses on multi-cultural food.

The pupils cook savoury dishes from a variety of different countries and then complete a design and make task to create an innovative filling for a tortilla wrap suitable to be sold in a supermarket in the chill cabinet.

Year 9

The course focuses on the different methods of cake making.

The pupils then go on to design, make and decorate an original novelty cake for a specific target market.


Food Technology is one of the AQA suite of Design & Technology courses.

Selecting, preparing and eating food is essential for sustenance and entertainment. Food Technology teaches you skills to make the most of food ingredients and be an informed consumer for the rest of your life.

By studying Food Technology you will:

Gain the knowledge and practical skills to make high quality products with accuracy.
Appreciate and understand the social, moral and environmental issues surrounding the production and consumption of food.
Learn to use the design process to develop products that meet a specification.
Learn how to test and evaluate products and develop them to meet the needs of consumer group

Coursework component

From approximately June in year 10 until Easter in Yr11 students complete a 45 hour controlled assessment working on a brief set by the exam board.

They ultimately present one practical final solution and a portfolio that documents each of the stages in developing one final product. This is worth 60% of the total GCSE marks.

Outline of controlled assessment sections:

  • Investigating the Design Context
  • Development of Design Proposals
  • Making
  • Testing and Evaluation

Written Examination

From Easter in Year 11 students prepare for the written exam.

It is worth 40% of the total GCSE marks.