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The Geography Curriculum explores our physical and human worlds and the themes that link them.  We investigate exciting and relevant topics, developing geographic skills and building knowledge and understanding of the world around us. 

Themes are developed from local, national and global scales and allow students to think about their place, role and responsibilities as a global citizen around each topic.  The school’s ethos is reinforced when investigating attitudes towards important current issues such as the environment, migration and development.

Geography enables students to travel the world from their classroom and examine some of the most important topical issues and challenges facing our planet.  Opportunities for fieldwork encourage an enquiry approach to further investigate our physical and human environments.

The skills and knowledge introduced at Key Stage 3 helps develop students into learners who are equipped with the skills and experience to approach the GCSE curriculum with confidence.

Key Stage 4 lessons link directly to the AQA GCSE specification and also encourage cross-curricular activities.  Inclusive, interesting and exciting teaching is differentiated to encourage all learners to access the curriculum and to succeed.

Geographers leave with a fantastic skill-set including the ability to research, map, evaluate and analyse.  Many students continue their studies in Geography at A-Level and Degree Level and go on to pursue exciting, relevant careers. 

Curriculum team

Mr M McNally – Curriculum Leader
Mrs G Gardner - Geography Teacher

Key stage 3 topics

Year 7
Environmental Issues, Mapskills, Population, UK Weather, Extreme Weather.

Year 8
Migration, Atlas Skills, Ecosystems, Urbanisation, Rivers & Flooding, Coasts and Glaciation.

Year 9 
Sustainability & Resources, Plate Tectonics & Volcanoes, The Development Gap, Conflict & Management in Natural landscapes.

Key stage 4 topics

 Living with the Physical Environment

- Natural Hazards including Earthquakes & Tropical Storms.

- Living World - Ecosystems including Tropical Rainforests and Deserts

- Physical Landscapes including Glacial Landscapes and Coastal Landscapes in the UK.

 Challenges in the Human Environment

- Urban Issues in LIC’s and NEE’s (Urbanisation, Opportunities and Challenges)

- Urban Issues in HIC’s ( Urban Growth, Migration and Regeneration)

- Challenges of Resource Management including Food, Water and Energy

Geographic Applications

- Physical Fieldwork – Coastal Management strategies, Redcar

- Human Fieldwork – Urban Regeneration Newcastle Quayside

- Issue Evaluation – Pre-release booklet

- Geographic Skills

GCSE Assessment

Paper 1 -  Living with the Physical Environment (35%)  1hr 30 minutes

Paper 2-  Challenges in the Human Environment (35%)  1hr 30 minutes

Paper 3 -  Geographic Applications  (30%) 1hr 15 minutes

Use past papers to help you revise

Wider curriculum

The Geography Department offer a number of opportunities to develop their learning outside of the classroom.

- Essential fieldwork trips to Redcar and Newcastle

- Residential Fieldtrip to the North Yorkshire Coast including Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Scarborough, Flambrough Head

- Lake District Day trip to climb Blencathra

- Over-seas trip (Past trips have included Iceland, Italy, Sicily)