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The purpose of the  History curriculum at SFX School is to systematically and critically examine the haphazard development of multi-cultural Britain as well as the ‘British Values’ of democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. Their ‘cultural literacy’ will be further developed by regular and explicit reference to numerous examples from literature, music and art etc.Additionally, in light of our religious ethos, our curriculum will also focus on the impact of religion particularly that Christianity has had on ‘British Values’ and the wider world.The key stage three curriculum will also provide structured and progressive preparation for GCSE History in terms of key historical skills, relevant background knowledge and assessment requirements.Our students will explore these key themes at a local, national and international level.Our overarching ambition for all students at SFX is that when they finish their study of History, they will love and appreciate the study of the past, they will understand how far Britain and the wider world has embraced ‘British Values’ and be armed with the skills to be effective, critical and enquiring citizens ready to face the challenges ahead.

Curriculum team


Mr Benaiges - Curriculum leader
Mrs E Bowman
Mr P Jackson

KS3 topics

Y7: What is History? Who are the British? How did the Normans change Britain? Religion in Medieval England, How did the Crusades affect Europe?  Life in medieval England.  Power to the People.  Comparing 140 to 1086.  History mysteries.

Y8: Challenges to the Catholic  Church, Who should run the Country – English Civil War? How far had England changed by the end of 1750? Slavery. The British Empire. What did revolution mean in the age of Revolutions? History mysteries.

Y9: Was the vote won or given? Women’s rights.    Conflict in the 20th centuryThe HolocaustWhat’s the best way to bring about changeIs British History a story of decline after 1945? History Mysteries

KS4 / GCSE topics

Germany 1890- 1945

  • How and why Germany Changed from the Kaiser, to a democracy to the Nazis

Conflict and tension 1918-1939:

  • Why did the ‘War to end all Wars’ lead to WW2?

 Elizabeth 1568 – 1603

  • The challenges of being a protestant female ruler
  • The birth of British Greatness?

Health and the People in Britain c1000 to today

  • Medieval mayhem
  • Renaissance – making progress
  • Surviving the ‘cutting edge’
  • Stinking water to Health Care for all

GCSE assessment

2 x 2 hour exams:

  • Germany 1890-1945 and Conflict and Tension 1919 1939
  • Elizabeth I and Health and the People – medicine c.1000 to present

 Wider curriculum

  • History trips to: Richmond Castle, Thackery Medical Museum, London trip with the English department
  • Clubs Groups: Who do you think you are? Time travellers club