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St Francis Xavier

Harry's experience

It was hard starting secondary school, especially without doing any proper transition work and tours.  But then in the end when I got into school it felt fine. The teachers were kind and caring and the other students of the school were warm and welcoming.  Everything was going to be alright I thought.

Then it came to meeting our Form Tutor.  Mine was Miss Waller and she was aware of how scared and worried we were but she really calmed us down.  She told us everything we needed to know about the school and even where our classes were.  My friends also told me their Form Tutors were nice. 

It then came to break and I have to admit I was quite worried about where to go and who I would meet.  By the end of break I had made a lot of new friends and spoke to a lot of new people.

When we went in after break it was time to meet our learning group.  My first lesson was Science and my Science Teacher, Mrs Knight, was really nice and taught us how to put our covers on our books – that was hard. 

Eventually it came to lunch and the dinner ladies were really nice and I had shepherds’ pie which was really nice.

By the end of the day I had settled in well, only the rest of the week to go!

After meeting new people and talking to new teachers, I had settled in perfectly.  I really felt like I belonged here!