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St Francis Xavier

ICT and Computing

ICT is a valuable tool to support learning and teaching throughout the school. 

The aim of our curriculum is to enable students to make the leap from users of ICT, to producers of ICT, organising work in a manner which allows them to examine their own performance and apply skills across the whole school curriculum.

 Following the national curriculum for Computing we aim for our students:

  • To become confident and safe users of ICT
  • To have an understanding of how computers work
  • To have an understanding of basic programming concepts.

 Through careful planning, our lessons are designed with all students in mind. We set challenging actives which aim to equip our students with independence and resilience. Essential skills which are needed to gain a career in Computer Science.

Curriculum team

Miss Simpson - Curriculum Lead

Mr Jackson - Teacher of Computer Science

Key Stage 3 topics

At Key Stage 3 students complete a mixture of ICT and Computer Science topics in 1 lesson per week.

The topics covered are:

Year 7

  • Collaborating online respectfully
  • Algorithms
  • Manipulating sound
  • Programming essentials – MicroBit
  • What is a computer?

Year 8

  • Photoshop
  • Data representation
  • Animation
  • Databases
  • Python programming

Year 9

  • Data representation
  • Python programming
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Web development 
  • Computer threats

Key Stage 4 topics

At Key Stage 4 students have 5 lessons per fortnight. The course is broken into 2 components with each component being assessed in a written exam worth 50% of their final mark.

COMP 1 topics: central processing unit, computer memory, computer storage, wired and wireless networks, network topologies, system security, system software and ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns.

COMP 2 topics: algorithms, programming techniques, producing robust programs, computational logic, translators and data representation. 

Wider curriculum

In addition to the timetabled lessons the ICT and Computer Science department enhances the curriculum through a weekly ICT club which is offered to Key Stage 3.

 We also have links with the following organisations:

  • Middlesbrough college
  • Teesside University