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A parent's guide to learning and revising

As parents, we ask you to support your child's learning by providing support and guidance at home. 

This page will provide you with information on how your child learns in school, support available in school, and useful revision tips and links. 

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Research shows that students' achievement can improve by around 4 months per year when parents and schools establish a strong sense of community.      


Parental involvement

St Francis Xavier School recognises that a strong partnership between parents and the school is crucial to achieving the best outcomes for our students.

We aim to establish a triangular relationship between parents, students, and staff to promote effective communication and collaboration. Our goal is for parents to become familiar with the school and the dedicated staff responsible for their children's education. Effective communication between parents and the school is essential for ensuring the safety, well-being, and overall development of our students.

We believe that by working together, we can create a supportive environment that fosters the growth and success of our students. 


How do we communicate with parents at St Francis Xavier School?

We seek to involve parents in school life through: 

Information evenings

These evenings are designed to enhance partnerships between parents and caregivers, and the school.

Our goal is to provide parents and carers with information and support about tools used in the classroom for the advancement of learning and development in their children.

These evenings are put in place where a need is identified. Some of the scheduled events we have this academic year include:

  • Year 7 reflection evening
  • Year 11 mock results day
  • Year 9 options evening
  • Virtual information evenings:
    • Assessment and reporting (a recording can be viewed here)
    • Curriculum and careers (a recording can be viewed here)


You will find details of each upcoming information evening in our school diary.

Parents evenings

Each year group has 1 parent's evening in each academic year. Appointments for parents' evenings are made via Parent Portal - parents will receive an email notifying them when parents evening are available to book.

You will find details of each year groups parents evening in our school diary.


The general school newsletter is sent out monthly to celebrate events that have taken place and to showcase the many God-given talents of our students

You can view our newsletters here

As part of our efforts to keep parents informed, we also share the following newsletters. 

Parent Portal

Parent Portal enable parents to view their child's academic performance in real-time via a web browser or app.

Parent Portal provides:

  • Access to Attendance, Assessment, and Behavioural data
  • Access to homework set 
  • Communication facilities to improve contact between parents and schools
  • Instant access to Published Reports and Letters

You can access Parent Portal using this link or by downloading the application from an app store on a mobile device.

If you need further support on MCAS please email enquiries@sfx.npcat.org.uk


The following guides have been designed to help parents and guardians access Arbor and information within it. 
Getting startedAccessing homeworkViewing progress checks and pastoral reports



In addition to notifications being sent via Parent Portal, they will also be sent via email. Therefore it is important that the email address held by the school is active and current. 

Social Media

We like to celebrate what our students do in lessons and in extra-curricular events through our social media platforms. We are aware not all parents have access to social media, therefore important messages will always be sent via Parent Portal or email. 

If you do have social media, please follow us on Facebook. 


An inclusive reporting system

It is important at St Francis Xavier School that parents and carers are involved in student progress and that they have the opportunity to share in their child’s learning. 

Our reporting system has been carefully placed together to encourage triangular relationships between the school, parents, and pupils. 

More information on our assessment and reporting system can be found here.