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St Francis Xavier

Year 6 Transition

We are delighted to be welcoming children who are starting at Saint Francis Xavier School in September 2020.

Here you will find lots of information and updates about our transition programme from primary school to starting at St Francis Xavier School.

Our Parents Information Evening for Year 6 Transition is currently scheduled for Thursday 2nd July and our Transition Day for Year 6 children will be on Monday 6th July. We very much hope that these events will still be able to take place. However, we will keep you updated as we know more nearer the time. Please see more information about the pastoral team.

Meet the Pastoral Team 

We have a dedicated e-mail address for any queries about transition. If you have any questions about transition or would like a member of the pastoral team to contact you about your child then please e-mail Year6@sfxschool.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to.

Frequently asked questions for year 6 transition.

Transition memories from students


The thing I was most worried about was making friends because I am a very shy person and if I could go back in time and say one thing to myself when I started school it would be: 

Everything will be OK because in not a long time you will have really lovely friends who you can count on and I'm very lucky to have them. 

Also the other thing I was worried about was if the teachers were OK or not because I'm very shy, as you know, but I didn't need to worry because all the teachers were nice and friendly and very supportive! 

I hope that helps some of the new year sixes! Remember there's really nothing to worry about! Isabella year 7

Becoming part of the school community

When students start at St Francis Xavier School it is important that they start to feel part of the school community. The house system in school enables students to connect with their peers and students in other years, working together to earn house points for themselves and their house.

Participating in extra curricular activities also helps students to settle into school more easily. There is a wide range of extracurricular activities available to students during lunchtime and after school. The days and times for these activities vary from year to year so a full activity timetable is not published until the autumn term has started however, students can get involved in a variety of activities including:

  • Sports - Rugby, Table Tennis, Badminton, Netball, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, and the use of the gym.
  • Chess club
  • Warhammer gaming club
  • Reading club
  • Debating Society
  • Drama and dance
  • STEM clubs
  • Worship group
  • Windband
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Craft and chat
  • Games club
  • Homework club
  • Photography club

 Homework at St Francis Xavier School

One of the questions that many of our Year 6s have been asking is about what homework is like at secondary school. Homework is a really important aspect of life at secondary school. Your teachers will set you regular homework. This might be specific tasks or project based work. Teachers will ask you to write your homework in your planner to help you organise it. They will also put it onto a system called 'My Child At School (MCAS)' which your parents can access so they know what your homework is too. Teachers will always tell you how long to spend on your homework so you know how much you should be working at home. It is important to get into a good routine with your homework and keep up to date with it. You will want to have a quiet place where you can work at home free from distractions.


Here is what Georgia and James in Year 7 said about homework:

'You get more than primary school but it is manageable but it is only manageable if you don't leave it to last minute'

'always use your planner to write down the homework and if you are not sure then ask the teacher before it is due or a teaching assistant or your form tutor, there are lots of people who can help.'


Making friends at St Francis Xavier

One of the concerns that many Year 6s have is about friendships at secondary school. Friendships are such an important aspect of our lives in and out of school. Your primary school friends may be coming to the same school or going elsewhere and this may lead you to think you will be alone. This won’t be the case, at SFX we work hard to ensure that you are offered the opportunity to make friends from the first day you arrive. You will get to meet your new form and we will carry out activities to help you get to know one another. At lunch time we offer lots of clubs such as sports clubs and craft clubs. It is important that staff help you to settle into life at SFX so that you can focus on school work and making new friends. You will receive support from the pastoral team in school. They are there to help guide you if things get a little challenging or if you want to talk about friendship worries.  SFX ethos ‘Love of God Love of Neighbour’ is evident in our practices and we encourage our students to adopt a caring and compassionate attitude in their lives.

Here are some of the views our current Yr7 students:

‘ don’t be scared to say hello’ Caira

‘Don’t worry if you don’t get friends on the first day’ Orla

‘Your friendship circle will blossom’ Georgia S

‘Don’t be too shy, ask for help if you need it’ Ella K

Guidance on Relationship, Sex and Health Education at St Francis Xavier School

Letter about event cancellations from our uniform supplier, Trutex