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St Francis Xavier

Religious Education

The Religious Education Department is committed to delivering high quality teaching and learning, underpinned by Gospel values.

We are concerned with finding answers to the deeper questions of human existence to help students search for meaning and make sense of life.

 Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum and hopefully will ‘construct a platform, on which individuals can stand to make a faith commitment and develop as human beings.’

 Students are inspired to know and follow the person of Jesus Christ, through academic study and the development of key skills. We are committed to the spiritual development of all members of the school community and aim to bring pupils to Christ’s way of thinking and living.

We aspire to lead pupils to a sympathetic understanding of the teachings of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches, while providing all pupils with a full appreciation of Britain as a multicultural society, by exploring a variety of world faiths, in order to create global tolerance and peace.

 All students are entitled to 10% of curriculum time and study RE across both Key Stages, culminating in a GCSE qualification at the end of Year 11.

 At Key Stage 3, students are nurtured using exciting schemes of work, fascinating resources and tradition, respecting both Roman Catholic and Anglican principles. We use a variety of strategies to encourage students to think philosophically about what it means to be a human being and how they belong to God, the Church and the world. They are encouraged to discover what it means to be a member of a religious community through the study of Christianity, world faiths and by visiting places of worship. Students celebrate events in the Christian calendar, cultural practices and sacramental milestones.

At Key Stage 4, students study both Christianity and Judaism alongside philosophical and ethical themes, developing a detailed understanding of a variety of moral issues and the impact they have on humanity.

According to Ofsted 2012, “RE makes an outstanding contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, through stilling, Philosophy for Children, meditation and guided journeys and writing prayers and reflecting on a variety of topics.”