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Wellbeing in Mind Team

Who are we the wellbeing in Mind Team?

We are a team of NHS staff, working in schools to offer support to students experiencing common emotional wellbeing difficulties. 

Wellbeing in Mind (ID 1242)


What does Wellbeing in Mind do?

We provide care and interventions for young people including support for difficulties including low mood, anxiety, worry, and stress.

We also provide advice and training on mental wellbeing issues to school staff, helping them to support you.

We also work closely with other services so that those with more complex problems can get the right help, from the right people, more quickly.


Why do Wellbeing in Mind do this?

Difficulties you experience in your child and teenage years can affect things like your work, friendships and home life.

Having the right support available when and where you need it can help to lessen the impact difficulties like stress or anxiety have on you; both now and in the future.