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St Francis Xavier

Pastoral team

The pastoral support for pupils in St Francis Xavier School is excellent.

Each student is a member of a form class. The Form Tutor is always the main contact that any student has in school. To build a sense of community within the form, pupils share a number of activities throughout the year: weekly quizzes, preparing for form assemblies and a shared charity that they raise funds for throughout the year. They also get involved in the preparation, delivery and participation of collective worship.

Should pupils have any concerns they should always refer them to their form tutor, for them to deal with initially. If for any reason, the Form Tutor cannot resolve the issue, then they will refer it to the Pastoral team, which includes a Pastoral Support Officer and Heads of Year.

The role of the Head of Year is to oversee the pastoral welfare of the students in their year groups and to have an overview of student learning. It is the role of the Head of Year to be aware of any barriers to learning that a student may have and to ensure that relevant support is available to that child. The Head of Year also has a deputised responsibility for safeguarding.

The size of our school, allows us to know each of our children personally. In turn, this allows us to offer the very highest standards of pastoral care and guidance for them.

In order to ensure that we can fully support all our pupils, whatever their needs, the school works in partnership with many other agencies that offer support to young people and their families at times when they may be struggling to cope alone.